April 2, 2003

Angel: Inside Out

I liked this episode, for the most part. Since there are spoilers as some folk in my area don't get Angel until Friday, I've moved the comments to the extended entry.

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February 1, 2003

Apple Venus (Volume One) - XTC

I don't know how to review music, so bear with me, here.

I don't care for music. This is strange in someone like myself, who thinks in music. I can usually tell someone I know from their voice far before I recognize their face or name. (This always amuses the kids when comparing voice actors from various cartoons.) I'm just not into music. On the other hand, I end up getting really opinionated about it at times.

Just ask my girlfriend. On second thought, don't. I'd like to keep some of my reputation intact.

So, XTC. You've probably heard one or two of their songs. You probably haven't seen them in concert. Spinner calls them, the great lost pop band. No, their name isn't in reference to methylenedioxy-n-methylamphetamine. Now you know about as much as I knew about them when I started coveting my ex-boyfriend's Skylarking CD. (He eventually broke down and got me a copy on the cheap. He was such a sweetie.) I own a handful of the albums, including an extra copy (luckily: one seems to have wandered away) of Oranges and Lemons. The whole family knows not to mess with my XTC cds.

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Pokemon Battle Stadium 2 for Nintendo 64

When we started, I knew who Pikachu was. I had seen a couple episodes of the Johto Journey.

When we ended, I wanted my own Misdreavous. Maybe a Crobat. Heck, I would have settled for a Houndoom. I can do the Jynx wiggle.

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