"Can anyone live for 5,000 years and say they did nothing? Risked nothing? Merely stayed alive? It'd be pointless."

"Some might think that that experience was worth saving."

- Methos Impersonator to Methos, Highlander: The Series

My friend and once player, Sarah Kindred, started an Amber game some time ago, in which I was invited to play. I never managed to get going when it started up, and only recently, as I've started getting back into email/online games, did I drop Sarah a note and ask if she could fit me in anywhere. Turns out she had an abandoned character who was rather important to the storyline, and offered her to me.

Lisbeth is the original creation of Karen Klutzke, but I have been given permission to remake her into my own creation, which I am having a blast doing. I hope Karen doesn't mind the changes I'm making in her creation, but I don't feel *too* badly since she's not playing the character anymore!

Here is a picture of her. I also have a written piece I did up wherein Lisbeth made some significant changes in her life. I may put it up here, I may not. Not that I don't trust my fellow players yet, but I don't feel it ready for public consumption as of yet.

Lisbeth, New and Improved!