Cendril's Delve (as of DR 113)



This small, well-concealed valley is the home of a mixed group of gnomes, humans, and other races. A gnome explorer named Asper Cendril first discovered it over a century ago (Delve Reckoning (DR) 1 as the gnomes reckon it). Shortly thereafter it was settled, and the gnomes lived quietly amongst themselves and traded with the few reclusive dwarves in the mountains and what few travelers came through the area. Life was calm and nearly idyllic until 'The Swarming' a decade ago (DR 103).

Even though they were far from the lands of men, rumors of the dark tides of gralloc washing over the land reached the Delve. Not long after, proof reached them in the form of refugees from Dol'Shan and points west. They brought tales with them of hordes of dark creatures and the fall of civilization as they knew it. The Council of Artisans met in emergency session and it was decided that the only appropriate action was to invite these needy folk to stay and make their homes in the Delve.

While there was not a great deal of land in their valley, it soon became clear that not many escaped the hordes of gralloc. Men and gnomes agreed to live and work together "to protect ourselves, nurture our families, and deny the Dark as we may". A priestess made the ultimate sacrifice, giving her life to the Goddess to ward the valley against detection by the Dark.


That was ten years ago, and what few stragglers have come in since paint a portrait of 'humanity' scattered and the Dark roaming free across the land. Those in the Delve farm, herd, and craft what they can times are hard and resources are tight but they make do.


Town Size: Hamlet (Population < 400)


    Humans - Village Council, Hearth Circle

    Gnomes - Council of Artisans Population: 307 + PCs