The Council of Light

High Lord- He who knows the beginning and end of all things, Father of the Light

White General- Hand of the High Lord, patron of leaders, honor, and nobility Shield Lord- Protector of the meek, Patron of foot soldiers, guardian of common men Shining Lady- Wellspring of respite and healing, Embodiment of mercy and life Maiden- Heart's guide, patron of lovers, passion, and courtship

Starchild- Patron of fools, lost causes, desperate odds, and adventurers

The Powers of the Earth

Verdant Mother- Source of the All, Matriarch of Balance

Lord of Battle- Lord of Strife, Blood Witness Beast Lord- Prince of the wild things, Stallion King Grey Magus- Warden of the Source Beyond, Patron of Magi, Guardian of the Arch Archivist- Sage, Crafter, Voice of the Verdant Mother Thunderer- Bringer of storms, master of the seas Lady Fate- Fortune's mistress, Luck's Blade

The Hand of the Dark

Unraveller- Father of the Dark, sower of Chaos, Light's Bane

Twisted One- Nightweaver, source of the 'Boggans' Darkheart- Mistress of dark passions, the Shadow Whisperer Plague Lord- Master of Misery, Prince of Pain, Lord of black fevers Deceiver- Queen of Lies, Lady of the broken oaths Golden Knave- King of misers, god of greed and covetousness