After the Fall

Part 1: From the Ashes





Game Summaries

One thousand years since the fall of the Age of Legends, when powerful people roamed the land, creating what they would with their magic. Including the death of their world.

With great and deadly magics, the countries Ancaria and Zolos destroyed each other, changing the shape, the people, the creatures, and the very law of the land.

But time passed, the land's upheavals settled down (mostly), and those who survived began to piece their lives back together. And avoid the creatures that ran free without their masters'/creators' control.

Of the greater fantastical creatures, some still walked the land, though their numbers had lessened. The elves withdrew and sealed their borders against outsiders. The dwarves secured their mountain strongholds, keeping the rock from falling on their heads. Halflings kept to their burrows, gnomes to theirs as well. Dragons were rarely spotted in the skies now.

With the tearing of the land, those without cities still standing found it hard to stay in one place. Often, when a group had thought they'd found a place to settle, the earth would erupt, the sea would swell, the skies would rain down fist-sized hail for weeks on end, and they would be forced to move once again.

Magic had changed, though only the truly ancient knew how much. While sorcerers still existed, magic had rules, restrictions, and laws. Wizards were more prevalent, and small schools of magic began to teach these rules to those who wished to learn.

Many young men and women, seeking to make a name (and a fortune) for themselves, ventured forth into the wild lands, looking for lost treasures and ancient artifacts in the rubble of ancient cities. Most never returned home, presumed dead by those who loved them. Those who did return to their homes encouraged more to venture forth with their wondrous tales of the creatures they slew, the ruins they saw, and of course, showing off the items they had obtained on their quest.

They also brought back information. Stories of people trying to reconstruct civilization and rebuild cities. Mainly to try and hold the wild lands and the monsters that lived within it at bay, they said. Some had succeeded, but others had failed, and the wild lands spread.

Rumors also abounded. One of a king who survived the Fall, and now rebuilt his strength in order to reclaim his throne. Another of a princess, held in magical slumber, without her prince to awaken her. A third spoke of a city, Caer Kevraeyl, that had not been destroyed, its rulers using powerful magics to keep the destruction at bay. Others told the tale of a great wizard and her companions, who searched out the most powerful artifacts from Ancaria and Zolos, to keep them safe from those who didn't know how to use the items, and to keep them from falling into the wrong hands.

And lastly, of a cult, worshipping a dark goddess born in the death of the previous Age. Her power unknown, her sphere of influence hidden, she slowly gained power and influence.

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