After the Fall

Part 1: From the Ashes





Game Summaries

1) Taking a page from Alfred Herschel, the most important rule in this game is Exit, Voice, and Loyalty.

If you have a problem with anything with the game or my gamemastering, you have three choices:

  • Exit - you can leave the game
  • Voice - you can speak up, in a reasonable manner, and question my decision. It does not mean that I will change my mind, but a non-argumentative manner will help in getting me to listen.
  • Loyalty - you can suck it up, keep your mouth shut, and play.

Being loudly or even quietly upset will not go over well with me. You will most likely be asked to leave until such time as we can have a reasonable discussion on your problem.

2) Notify me in advance if you can't make a session. Too many unexplained absences will cause me to doubt your commitment to the game.

3) Players are allowed one change of character. No changes will be permitted within six sessions of the start of the game. I must approve other changes. If a player chooses to change their character, the new character will start at the experience total equal to the lowest experience point character. Character deaths in game are excepted from this rule. In this case, the new character starts at the same experience point total their previous character had before he/she died.

4) All characters start at level 6. For those that choose races that cost levels, you must have at least one level in a class. Those characters that reach 4th level in their class can spend their 4th level bonus stat point.

5) No character may start with any levels already in a prestige class. The first level can be learned in play.

6) Spells must be memorized, per the rulebook. I must approve all arcane spells and domains.

7) Hit points start at max for the character level for starting characters only. Character deaths and other new characters will start at max for 6th level/ecl, and roll for hit points for higher levels.

8) Characters are encouraged to start with masterclass items, but may not start with magic items. These will be found/earned in play. Other special items introduced in D&D 3E, such as sunrods and tindertwigs, must be approved by the GM.

9) Money - the game world uses a silver standard instead of a gold standard. Anywhere you see a gold piece cost, use silver pieces. Use copper pieces in place of silver pieces. Copper piece costs are divided by 10, round up to one copper piece if the amount is too small.

All characters have 5,000 silver pieces to spend on equipment, gear, armor, and weapons. This is a cash-poor world, so it is not wise for characters to carry a lot of coin (or gems) with them. So, after all purchases have been made, any leftover coin/gems will be donated to the nearest chapel/shrine to the deity of your choice, or to the local orphanage. Characters can start play with 100 sp.

10) All characters will have one man in their past. He is the hook for the start of the game. I will describe his connection to each of you separately. PLEASE do not share this information prior to the start of the game, as it is important to the story.

11) Magic items that use charges are not able to be recharged.

12) The Comprehend Languages and Tongues spells do not exist in the world, and therefore are now allowed.

Mall of Julia, 2nd Floor Mall of Julia Home

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