After the Fall

Part 1: From the Ashes





Game Summaries

The current roster of players/characters is:

  • Sana, a half-human/half-celestial 2nd level fighter/4th level bard, played by Louis Evans
  • Jack, a human 2nd level fighter/6th level rogue, played by Betsy Washburn
  • Jon, a human 2nd level fighter/5th level monk, played by Pat Washburn
  • Margaret, a human 7th level cleric, played by Anne Bulin
  • Ezhno, a centaur 4th level ranger, played by Jack Gulick
  • Rylan Galanikir, an elven 9th level mage, played by Rich Legault
  • Rylan's weasel familiar, Martin (NPC)
  • Tallis, apparently a human fighter (NPC)

Mall of Julia, 2nd Floor Mall of Julia Home

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