After the Fall

Part 1: From the Ashes





Game Summaries

The names of the Gods are lost to time, unknown perhaps even to them. Instead, the powers are called by descriptors that may vary, depending on locale, race, or alignment. The ones listed below are the more common appellations.

The High Lord - leader of the Pantheon of Light. He who knows the beginnings and endings of all things.
Symbol - silver circle

The Lady - Goddess of healing, mercy, and calm.
Symbol - staff with flowering vines

The Shield Lord - God of guardians, protectors, and duty.
Symbol - white shield

"The High Lord's Right Arm" - God of justice and law.
Symbol - armored upright arm with open hand

The Fool - God of fools, unfortunates, daring, and "lost causes".
Symbol - arch of silver stars on a field of black


The Mother - leader of the Pantheon of Neutrality. Goddess of nature, the world, and the cycle of life.
Symbol - green triangle

The Beastlord - God of the beasts.
Symbol - red horse rampant

Lady Luck - Goddess of good and bad fortune.
Symbol - moon, half silver, half black on a field of midnight blue

The Chronicler - God of bards, knowledge, literature, and "the arts."
Symbol - open book with silver flute laying across it

The Lord of Battle - God of war and battle.
Symbol - spear upright.

The Gray Mage - God of mages.
Symbol - open hand, palm up, with a blue flame over it

The Storm-King - God of weather.
Symbol - gray stormcloud with a blue eye in the center


The Unraveller - leader of the Pantheon of the Dark. God of destruction and negation.
Symbol - black lightning bolt

The Lord of Greed - God of greed and covetousness.
Symbol - gaunt, black-nailed hand clutching a common

The Plague Lord - God of disease, pain, and misery.
Symbol - yellowed skull with black worms in the eye sockets

Darkheart - Goddess of dark passions.
Symbol - green hands tearing apart a red heart

The Twisted One - God of the unnatural and perversions of nature.
Symbol - insane, pale face, half shrouded in black

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